Terms & conditions


These terms are the general terms applicable to customers of our services, they are designed to satisfy both the needs of seller and buyer and are set to ensure the safety of both parties in both legal and ethical concerns. 

Any term utilizing 'we', 'Simple3', or 'our' refers to the company Simple3 Websolutions. 

Simple3 reserves the right to change or update any of the following terms as well as add new ones.

General process

We will assess the design and development needed for a website together with the customer. The terms to determine whether the product is finished or not will be set accordingly. The customer gets one trial where a demo is presented, after confirmation or disapproval of the customer, Simple3 will act accordingly and finish the product to said specifications. If the customer is still not satisfied he/she can always request the 'extra work' service but will be charged if not included in their package deal of choice. Simple3 reserves the right to discontinue the service if desired, upon this happening the work done to date will be charged to the customer and the service will discontinue. 

Payment terms

An invoice will be sent upon completion of the service, the way we determine whether the product is finished or not can be found under the 'general process'. The invoice will be expected to be paid within 30 days, if the customer fails to meet their deadline no further work will be done to the website until payment is fulfilled. The website will be taken down if the payment is due for more than 45 days until payment is complete.

Errors and faulty products

Simple3 stands fully accountable to naturally caused errors (errors that have been caused without infliction from the customer). We strive to deliver good and complete products/services and understand the importance of well-functioning websites, this is why we would like to offer to fix the problem off-charge or present and install another solution.


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