My objective is to design the right price for you, this is hopefully reflected in the following package deals. Designing and developing a website takes a lot of focus and attention as well as time, therefore it is commonly expensive. I have priced my packages in a variety of inexpensive to extended services to be able to direct my pricing at a wider target group. The 'basic needs' package is a standard website, this can be anything from a blog to a simple one-page website designed for starting freelancers and entrepreneurs which will commonly take around one week to design and develop. Of course it's possible to add a small feature to this package against a larger charge or request a custom pricing (this doesn't mean you get a discount). The extended needs and the custom package are packages to give you an idea of what a website with multiple specifications will cost, this is based on the amount of work I will have to complete and how much time it will take me. 

I do not include hosting services in my pricing, this is a personal cost and commonly doesn't go over the 10 euro mark I present in my pricing. (hosting services are a monthly charge)

Of course extra work or changes can also be done through my services, outside of free 'extra work hours' that come with the packages I commonly charge €25/hour for smaller projects, if it's a larger change/project I would like to create a custom quote to make the prices amicable.

(Information on the website outside of short sentences and the footer information is preferred to be provided by the customer, if not I will present the cost of the content creation according the extra time it will cost and this will be added to the total sum, pictures used are standard and non-specialized unless provided.)

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