About the three.

You may ask, why simple3...? I have the perfect answer for you. 


The name simple 3 is inspired by my three simple reasons why you should choose for my services. 


1. I’m inexpensive compared to my experience. I personally have 6 years of experience when it comes to website design and development (since age 12), and I’ve always maintained my enthusiasm on the subject. But I’m an 19-year-old student, hobbies are great but bills unpaid are less... so I started simple3, to help people with my experience and enthusiasm and have them help me with the bills. It’s a win-win. 


2. I’m flexible, I have an easy schedule and I’m able to meet in person and/or get in contact online in the most suitable times. This makes my services more efficient and lessens your IT headaches. 


3. I love what I do, and ultimately this is the best of my traits on the subject, I love developing and designing websites and I love explaining my methods and showing final products to ultimately achieve satisfaction by my customers. 


Simple3 is not just a business, it’s a helping hand. While you’re busy building your empire and are too occupied to bother learning the ins and outs of websites I’m here to take some weight off your shoulders and in return create a website that translates the exact message your business is trying to formulate to your target audience. 


So what are you waiting for? Contact me! 

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