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I'm a 20 year old student with a passion for entrepreneurship and website design/development.

During an internship in the clothing industry I was challenged with creating a new website for the company I was interning at.

I was very proud of my work and when showing it around I was introduced to Erik Cornelisse, the manager of Air Combat Europe. Air Combat Europe is a company focused on their mission which is bringing the art and technique of Air Combat to the general public, so anyone with a top gun dream can experience the real deal.


Together, we changed their branding, emphasised their message and drastically improved their online presence. Now they get thousands of monthly visitors, as opposed to their previous 80-100 monthly count.


What changed? Nothing but a fresh look from the outside, a new online strategy and a better way to format their message to the outside world of high demanding visitors.

As a result, I founded Simple3. A company focused on translating the value of your company in digital form while keeping its integrity and original vision.


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03 the service

My services range across anything your business might need for a strong online presence. Together, we will analyse where there is room for improvement when it comes to your online presence and your wishes to bring your business to the next level.

The following are a few examples of possible focus points:


Branding is crucial to your online presence and success. Simple3 is not just about building a fancy website, but translating your companies core strengths and values. 


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Every story is unique and should be told. In what ways can you tell your story and what formats are most suitable? Together, we will analyse the best channels and methods to translate your story directly to your target audience. 

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Design is a major part of building a website. What feeling does your brand want to emulate ? What colours and formats suit your business? A mood board goes a long way, but with Simple3 the focus lies on your wishes and vision.

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A fresh look is always beneficial, I am always interested in getting to know new businesses and their industries and with that I can offer some of my experiences from other brands that I have worked with previously. 

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Interested in discovering the possibilities of your brand together? Please feel free to use this form to contact me and I will reply to you shortly.

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